Real Estate Advisory Service

    3DB facilitates project development in an organized and consistent manner resulting in a fully transparent process.  Our project managers assemble experienced development teams from a network of qualified architects, designers, construction and utilities contractors carefully chosen for their ability to create innovative approaches to problem-solving, and to bring the project in on time and on budget.

    Included in this pack is the following:

    Concept Development
  • Viewing the premises and gathering client brief, measurements, images and budget.
  • A concept is proposed taking into consideration the site location, the target customers and budget.
  • Design proposal
  • Design is proposed with the help of hand sketched, 2D drawing and 3D views.
  • An overview of the budget requirements is also given.
  • Sanction Procedures :

    Here necessary steps are taken to initiate the sanction procedure and legal formalities associated with Investors, third party partners and clients.

  • Marketing Strategies are discussed and recommendations made.
  • Support in web development, Media coverage and Press Release.
  • Review, monitor and approve all marketing and public relations co-laterals and concepts.
  • Project Management
  • Supervise on an on-going basis the management activities of the Operator, Evaluate the performance of the Operator's key personnel.
  • Undertake periodic site visits to ensure operational efficiency and adherence to quality standards.
  • Identify operational issues and work with the Operator to develop acceptable solutions beneficial to both Owner and Operator.
  • Negotiate and co-ordinate with the Operator regarding brand standards.

  • A leader in the sale of single assets and portfolios, we support clients at all stages of the sales cycle: from pre-offering due diligence, to marketing campaigns, negotiations and due-diligence support, and through the closing process. Each project is regarded as bespoke and is priced according to the involvement that you wish 3DBricks to have.

    3D design for Real estate developers and builders

    Selling new properties with just a layout plan, could be it tedious job. It is crucial to instill confidence and trust in potential buyers - particularly when there may be a considerable passing of time between buyers making their purchase, and final completion of the homes.

    We believe that 3D computer-generated virtual tools are a powerful way of achieving this, because they provide tangible information and help people to understand the reality of a scheme. Our virtual tours are highly realistic and interactive, and not only provide an accurate and detailed vision of the completed homes, but also a sense of the lifestyle and ambience that buyers will aspire to.

    Equipped with credible and informative renderings and animations, the task of selling 'off plan' will be made significantly easier. Potential buyers will no longer be asked to imagine what their dream home will be like; instead, you'll be able to show them the finished vision, so that they really understand all the benefits of what is on offer.



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    Sabir Babu,  UAE
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