Solar Power Generator

    Potential major applications and users

  • Villas and flats
  • Commercial buildings and shops
  • Eco-tourism and big hotels

  • Working principle

    Solar powered generator with intelligent energy management system is an innovative unit which works on clean and pollution free energy from nature. Solar power is converted to electricity by solar panels and is stored in battery. This energy is used for generating 230 volt AC with the help of a sine wave inverter. An intelligent energy management system automatically switches the load between Solar power and KSEB.

    During day time power from the solar panels is used for computers, lights and fans and remaining power is stored in the batteries. This energy is used during the night and when ever seventy percent of battery charge is drained the load is automatically switched to KSEB. Next morning when the solar power resumes the load is automatically switched to solar. Solar charging system is also coupled with this unit to prevent overcharging of batteries and to prevent reverse flow of current to panels.

Solar panel voltage 48 volt DC
Solar charger MOSFET based with high voltage cutoff
Current and voltage monitor voltmeter, ammeter
High frequency sine wave inverter 2000VA
Solar panel wattage 300
Intelligent change over 20 Ampere, 230 HVAC
Batteries 12 v 40 Ah Tubular 4 numbers
Charging options Solar and KSEB

Main Parts

  • Solar panels and frame for mounting.
  • Wiring accessories.
  • Solar charge controller.
  • Batteries.
  • Intelligent change over switch.
  • Sine wave inverter.
  • Instrument panel for monitoring power flow.

Working principle

The solar panels can generate 300 watts in an hour and in a bright sunny day the power generation will be as follows.

300watts * 5 hours = 1,500watthour = 1.5 units

After conversion losses, variations in sunlight 80 % of this energy are available for use. Thus1.2 units per day will be available.

Every day the system generates about 1 to 2 units of energy and it helps to reduce electricity bill. More over it will be an added advantage during power cuts.


  • Effective method of energy management.
  • Uninterrupted power as KSEB is standby.
  • Zero pollution.
  • Eco-friendly design.
  • Roofs become attractive and heating of building is reduced.
  • Income tax exemption for renewable energy projects.
  • Low maintenance since there is less moving parts.
  • Compatible with other sources like wind powered sets.
  • Long life for panels up to fifteen years.
  • Ideal for Residence, Commercial centers, hospitals etc.
  • Can be connected with existing wiring in buildings.


In this era of global warming and imminent climate change, where the energy conservation is directly related to low carbon emissions, 3DB is a strong proponent of an environmentally responsible growth.

  • Pedal operated wet grinder which saves medical bill and electricity bill
  • Pedal operated battery charger for emergency lights
  • Small round boat- eco-friendly ride for your pond.
  • Small wind mill to power yard lights.


With droughts, famines and floods denying human access to safe potable water for dwellings all over the world, water costs are expected to shoot up phenomenally in the coming decade. Water conservation, another dimension to green engineering blue prints, will not only have a positive effect on the environment but will also lead to high returns in the long run.  To deal with the severity of this mega crisis, we at 3DB put in our experience and green engineering expertise to save water in the all the aspects of building engineering like plumbing, HVAC equipment, rain water harvesting, solar water heating and zero discharge from our design premises.



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