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  • I love to bring nature to my room? Could you please advise about the house plants varieties that we can maintain in our rooms?

  • Indoor plants beautify the indoor space, and create a more naturalistic element to sterile looking spaces. Well, indoor plants do more than just beautifying the indoor space. Research has revealed that keeping plants in your working and/or living space can bring numerous mental and physical health benefits. Here are 10 plants you can grow indoors. You don’t need a huge terrace or balcony: all you need is a little space right inside your home for these beautiful and useful plants.


    1)     Weeping Fig -   Placing in your bedroom means your oxygen supply will increase as you sleep.

    2)     Chrysanthemum – Good to place in study room, absorbs benzene produced by Cigarette smoke,  as well as toxins emitted from printers, photocopiers and adhesives.

    3)     Peace Lilly - for utility room- successfully removes mold spores in the air, making it perfect for laundry room.

    4)     Chinese evergreen – for Bathrooms- A durable plant with exquisite exterior, from its silver foliage and unforgettable blooms.

    5)     The Snake Plant – A striking looking plant that will get your friends talking when over for dinner.

    6)     Bamboo Plam – can be used for Living Room – which is the cheapest palm you can buy. Perfect for a house plant beginner

    7)     Jade Plant – place in Hallway – They are considered to be symbols of good luck and are a great feature for new visitors to see   in your home when entering.

    8)     Golden Pathos – for Kitchen- They can thrive as hanging plants, as the leaves grow down in cascading vines.  NASA places this plant within the top 3 house plants successful in removing formaldehyde.

    9)      Prayer Plant – conservatory – This isn’t a plant that you position and forget about it. It’s very much a living and breathing plant- its leaves fold together at night and unfold as the morning approaches.

    1   10 Ferns, Mary Gold, Mint – for your Balcony - once you have mastered the above plants, try these three plants for your Balcony to give it that bit of extra life.

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