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  • How can we create positive energy inside the home? Any tips to advise

  • As an ancient Indian architectural science, Vastu Shastra prescribes certain principles of home design, which are aimed at increasing the flow of positive energy in a home. Some home owners build their houses according to vastu principles, which include using directional guidelines regarding the placement of specific rooms or features of the home. While this isn’t an option in modern apartments, the best part about vastu is that you can use its principles to decorate your apartment to bring positivity to your home. In this ideabook, we’ve highlighted 6 home décor tips that vastu prescribes for increasing health, wealth and harmony.

    Airy, clean and clutter-free: Open and airy rooms also bring in positive energy, so create a couple of open spaces where the family can enjoy bonding in a tranquil and cosy setting.

    Add colour: Using colour in your homes not only provides relief from the monotony of plain white or cream walls, but also adds brightness to the home, thereby lifting the positivity in the ambiance.

    Bring in nature: Decorate your home with flower arrangements, potted plants or even floating some petals in an urn to add a refreshing element to any room. However, keep in mind that just as fresh flowers and plants increase positive energy, a wilted arrangement or plant can add negativity. 

    Decorate with mirrors: Mirrors are commonly used by vastu practitioners as a tool for remedying defects in the design or energy inside a home. If placed correctly, they can bring in wealth and happiness into the home. It serves as a tool for reflecting positive energy throughout the area.


    Happy walls: Adding images or photographs such as happy family pictures or calming landscapes can increase the positivity in any area. Use images of the sunrise, the ocean or a waterfall to increase the flow of energy. Avoid images of death, hunger or any other negative element as this might have adverse effects on the inhabitants of the home.

    Use Vastu accessories: Just like Feng Shui uses the laughing Buddha or coins to correct the energy flow in a home, Vastu employs pyramids or yantra to harmonize negative energies in your home. Usually, glass or crystal pyramids are used for this purpose.

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